As a 180 Degrees Consultant you would be part of a community of more than 150 branches located in more than 35 different countries. We are the world's largest social impact consultancy!


In Berlin, you will be introduced to the social enterprise scene while working pro-bono on real challenges that need real solutions. We work hard to invest in, and inspire you to learn and grow into the next generation of social impact leaders. Come see how the Berlin Branch is unique!


We leverage Design Thinking methods to structure the semester and challenges. We train our consultants user centric and agile methodologies to empower them on their journey with 180DC, but also for everything that follows later!


We believe in handing knowledge forward, from person to person. We are proud to have a network of experts, trainers and mentors who invest in our consultants. This often includes a personal touch, offering opportunities to chat and connect.



We foster  building diversely skilled and international teams in order to challenge what we know, learn and grow from each other and offer the best possible results to our clients. Our branch is the only one from the DACH region completely run in English.


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Empowering Collaboration

 We carefully recruit top university students from around the world. We then match consultants in diverse and interdisciplinary teams with social enterprises - based on their expertise, qualifications, interests, abilities, and knowledge.

During the semester we provide our consultants with professional training and personal mentoring so that they develop as future social impact leaders.

Real World Experience

There are over 10 million social organizations  worldwide working to alievate real-world social and environmental challenges. Yet less than 1% of these nonprofits have access to high-quality and affordable consulting services to help them overcome strategic, financial and operational challenges they’re facing. 

This creates an estimated social impact loss of $100 billion annually.

User-Centric Innovation

We work with a strong focus on User-Centered Design in order to understand in depth the needs of the people affected by a challenge and keep this focus while developing innovative - yet practically implementable - ideas for solutions, prototyping and testing. 

This consulting process is carefully managed to ensure quality control - ensuring the work is useful and has tangible impact.

I was an international student new to Berlin. I was introduced to 180 through my professor, and when I researched the organization, I immediately knew this was what I wanted to be a part of. Not only was I given an amazing opportunity for hands-on growth and development that you just don't get in Uni - I was able to meet and build a wonderful network of social entrepreneurs, collegues and friends!

Heather Kline


180 Degrees Consulting Berlin e.V.

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