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Limited resources will never stop us

from working with social enterprises in need of assistance

We offer accessible and high-quality strategic and operational consulting services in the areas of communication strategy, growth & expansion and sustainable finance. A team of four to five consultants will be working hard to deeply understand your individual challenges and build creative solutions best catered to your organisational needs. 

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Communication Strategies

Creation of Mission and Value Statements

Branding, Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Communication Processes

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Growth and Expansion

Product Development and Services

Internal Structure and Change Management

Human Resource Management and Volunteer Recruiting

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Sustainable Financing

 Financial Sustainability and Cost Management

Social Impact Measurement

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  • What is a Verein?
    A Verein is a legally recognised non-profit organization that comprises a group of people with the same goal. They must have a democratically elected board (we have Saskia Zander, Charly Steinbock, and Benedikt Ewald!) and a yearly general assembly. A Verein has a legal statute outlining how the organization works, including details of their leadership structure and finances. While the 180 DC Berlin executive team manages the operational side of the organization, the Verein board handles the legal and financial affairs so our branch is successful for many years to come!
  • What are the benefits of 180 DC Berlin being a Verein?
    Being encorporated as a Verein means that we receive tax benefits that save costs! Donations to us are tax deductible, and this also makes us more attractive to business partners. Being a Verein also aligns with our values as an organization. By declaring our non-profit status legally, we codify our goal of creating social impact and being accessible for all, rather than profit.
  • What does being a “passive member” mean for me?
    Being a passive member really just means that you commit to supporting an organization that supported you, without requiring you to be in the country or give of your time (which can sometimes be more precious than €50, we know). For legal purposes, you will receive a report once a year outlining the behind-the-scenes functioning of the branch and work of the Verein. You’ll also get the fancy German word status of a “Vereinsmitglieder”.... which is really just a fancy German word for member, or supporter. No action other than your donation is required.
  • How is this different from a donation?
    Joining as a passive member is like a subscription service -- it’s sustainable and reliable support for our branch, a once-a-year SEPA transfer from your bank account to our Verein’s account. A refund is always possible should you change your mind next year though, don’t worry! We of course also welcome one-time donations, but as we strive to be a financially self-sustaining organization, we rely upon these predictable donations from our passive Verein members.


Whether you have questions, would like to request a first consultation or just want to know more about 180DC Berlin, please do not hesitate to reach out via the form below!

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