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Join the Verein

180 DC is an ecosystem, a cycle of equal give and take, creating win-win scenarios! 

As a non-for-profit organization, all active participants (consultants, the executive team, mentors and coaches) give of their time and take professional experience and training from the semester. 


However, as any non-profit, we have costs that must be covered each semester -- like our Zoom account, our GDPR compliant newsletter software, and contributions to 180 DC Global. We have traditionally scrambled to cover these costs each semester, and gone without tools that would make the program more professional because there is no budget for them. 


We’d like to ask you, Alumni who received training and continue to receive newsletters and networking opportunities, to consider giving back to the ecosystem. 


This semester, we’re working to make the 180 DC Berlin program financially self-sustaining through donations from our community, so that we are not as limited by the limits of external generosity. If you have benefited from the 180 DC program and are not able to give of your time, we invite you to support us with a low, tax-deductible yearly donation. By contributing 30 or 50€/year, you help our ecosystem stay circular and our impact grow! 


To comply with German laws, this is done in the form of a “passive Verein membership” (more details below). Please complete this form and return it to Charly Steinbock, our Second Verein Chairperson, at

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