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180 DC Berlin January Newsletter / Blog

Dear alumni and friends of 180 DC Berlin,

We hope this newsletter finds you safe and well into the new year! January has brought our branch new updates and presents new opportunities that we would like to share with you!

180 DC Merch!

Our very first 180 DC Berlin hoodies are here and we could not be more excited! We have taken special care to ensure that the design and production of this fit our values -- please check out this video for more details about production and shipping sustainability. Hoodies cost 34, with a 40 option that includes a donation that supports our branch. Once ordered via the online form, you will recieve an email with more information. Please place your order before February 3rd.

Consulting 101 Public Event: Please join the 180 DC Berlin branch for a three-part workshop covering all things consulting, on January 28th. Organized by a team of our student consultants, this online workshop will hosted on Zoom from 6pm to 9pm, you are welcome to join for any or all of the expert discussions. 18:00: Niklas Peulen on “Building ventures and Ideation testing and validation” 19:00: Brando de Leonardo’s on “Consulting and Problem Solving” 20:00: Aviv Shahar on “Thriving in Consulting” Join us here, more details available on our Facebook page.

Alumni Opportunity: Our Alumnus Jonas Rentel has asked that we share this consulting opportunity at E.ON Inhouse Consulting GmbH with you! As the pandemic continues to keep us on our toes, we are not standing still but going with innovation to offer you a whole new event experience, powered by virtual reality. On February 25-26 you get the chance to meet our team and discover consulting life combined with a very important topic that is our real matter of heart: Sustainability and the new energy world. We are calling all interested Economics and MINT students to explore new paths and apply by February 7. Find out more:

Consultant Update:

We are now in the ideation phase of the design thinking process. That means our teams are spending their time researching in order to later synthesize solutions for their project partners. Our teams continue to work on the following challenges, proposed by their project partners.

Alba: How can ALBA's social sports idea expand to other cities by effectively communicating with different types of sports clubs?

Circulate: How can Circulate make its impact tangible to elevate it’s user-experience?

WunderTree: What new city/cities/regions can WunderTree expand to and how can they be entered, taking into account financial considerations, time constraints and personal resources? The aim is to increase positive environmental impacts, WunderTree business growth, and maintaining the company's core values

Wir Machen Welle: How can Wirmachenwelle expand their organizational structure by creating a community of supporters in order to be more attractive for sponsors?

Sichere Zuflucht: How can Sichere Zuflucht reach and engage the different stakeholders in order to create a synergy of cooperation amongst them?

Two of our teams are looking for support in finding interviewees -- a task made more difficult by the current lockdown. If you have contacts who are a) landlords and people renting holiday homes in the region of Germany, or b) People living in Germany that identified themselves as “greenies” (highly environmentally conscious),please write totsicherezuflucht@180dc.orgortcirculate@180dc.orgrespectively.

Did you know we have a podcast? We explore management and societal topics for entrepreneurs and social impact organisations! For our first episode, Alejandro Reyes joins us to talk about the relevance of Emotional Intelligence. "You open the faucet, and if you open it very wide open, then there is a lot of water that is going to come. Sometimes what you want is only a little bit of water. The same thing happens with emotions – you can train yourself to manage the emotions you are having in the moment, according to the necessity of the situation."Check out Channel 180 on Podbean or Spotify!

As always, please ensure you are following our branch on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, you’ll be able to see highlights of our workshops and members of each consulting team! Feel free to reach out via email with questions or to get involved. Thank you for your continued support for the 180 DC Berlin branch! Sincerely, The 180 DC Berlin Executive Team

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